So, you need your bike servicing and you're not sure how much it will cost? Well neither am I!

Until I see you bike in the metal it's extremely hard to quote for a repair, parts are easy to quote for as they have relatively fixed prices, but the time it will take is very hard to estimate and that's why the service cost can be hard to estimate without seeing the bike.

If your bike is relatively new and well taken care of then the likelihood is that nothing will be seized up or rusted, this makes my job easier which translates to lower labour rates, if on the other hand your bike is pulled out of you shed after 10 years of no use then obviously the time taken to repair the bike is longer.

On average though a bike with traditional brakes (not hydraulic) can be serviced from as little as £25 plus parts.

What I will say is that my Labour/Service charge will always be less than any other shop locally for 2 simple reasons:-

1,  It's just me! I don't have to charge a rate that helps support other staff wages, it's just me!

2, I have a small shop as I don't sell bikes so I don't need a lot of space, this means my overheads are less than some of the other shops in the area.

There are other benefits here as well, YOU are always dealing with ME, there's no-one else between you and me to confuse the discussion of what your bike needs, I can advise you on the best choices for the repair of your bike to suit the bike and what type of cycling you are using it for, whether it's commuting, mountain biking or road cycling or anything in between.

Also as I am a Cyclist myself in various disciplines I have a great understanding of what we face as Cyclists on the trails and the road as I have ridden bikes all over Europe, America and New Zealand.

I will always call you to let you know if I find anything unexpected during the repair, we all dread the phone call from the car mechanic saying it's more than we expected, I will do my best  to point out any and all problems in front of you when you drop the bike off, there are always unforeseen problems but I will let you know as soon as I can and confirm with you whether you would like to continue with the repair, I would never bother you with asking about fitting a cable for a couple of pounds but anything sizeable and you'll get the call.

The main thing to remember is just give me a call on 02380 890712 or drop in the shop and we can go from there.

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